Hello! I am Bonnie.


Hello! My name is Bonnie and I am known as Lucifera. Most people call me Lucifera. I live in Sweden.

I am a well known practitioner of the Occult.

Most probably you have already seen my websites, because I have several.

Three of my other websites cover China and Chinese speaking countries, Japan, Korea, Germany, Sweden, USA, Portugal and Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Italy, South Africa, France, Denmark and Finland.

If you are curious and want to visit my website Pitchblackcraft, here is the link to the Pitchblackcraft English blog.

I like to blog about business, because we all do business today, and also because of the fact that most of my clients are businessmen.




A graphic designer, blogger

& virtual business assistant


A graphic designer


I am also a graphic designer. I design business logotypes, website headers and other types of art.

This means that I can create custom art for your business: writing paper with your logotype, a designed header and with lines.

I can also create a logotype and graphics for your website.

Here are some samples of headers for paper with lines.




A graphic designer, blogger

& virtual business assistant



& virtual business assistant


If you are self-employed or plan to become self-employed, you will need a website.

Business demands a lot of time. You will need to create a big library of posts on your website, because each post will hook up a potential client.

I advise to expand your blog all the time, because you need to become very visible to your potential clients on the internet.

I can run your blog in any language, except Arabic, if you are doing one of the common types of businesses: cooking food, gardening, creating art and websites, making videos for sale.

I can also add subtitles to your Youtube videos in any language of your choice, except Arabic. Your videos can offer subtitles in 10 or more languages.



My Art galleries


Monogram logotypes

Logotypes for blogs

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

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