Hello! I am Bonnie.


Hello! My name is Bonnie and I am known as Lucifera. Most people call me Lucifera. I live in Sweden.

I am a well known practitioner of the Occult.

Most probably you have already seen my websites, because I have several.

Three of my other websites cover China and Chinese speaking countries, Japan, Korea, Russia and Russian speaking countries, Germany, Sweden, USA, Portugal and Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Italy.

I have decided to create this English About me page for English speaking visitors. If you want to visit my website Pitchblackcraft, here is the link to theĀ Pitchblackcraft English blog.

I like to blog about business, because it is fun, and also because of the fact that most of my clients are businessmen.




A graphic designer


I am also a graphic designer. I design business logotypes, website headers and other types of art.

This means that I can create custom art for your business: writing paper with your logotype, a designed header and with lines.

Here are some samples of headers for paper with lines.




My Art galleries


Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3