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I cover all possible topics, but I do not describe the rituals of High magick. I have no right to publish them, because they are not my own inventions.

If you are interested in learning the rituals of High magick, I suggest that you purchase some books and study on your own.

I do not teach students how to summon dead military staff. This magick is extremely dangerous.

If you want to learn necromantic magick, love spells and pacts with demons and dead soldiers, you can experiment independently at your own risk.

So, first, how to attend my Online School? I will describe below. After this, and further down, you will find a list of small educational courses I offer.

Here is how I would purchase my courses. First, go to Online School. You need to create an account for attending the Online School.

It is a very good practice to note down Usernames and Passwords. Keep your information safe.

Go to My Shop. Here in My Shop you will see the available courses. Select the courses that you want to study and put them in the basket.

Proceed to Checkout. Here you will be asked to fill in some information about yourself (Name and Surname, e-mail address, address, etc).

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Have you read the page Terms and conditions? You can book a consultation with me, purchase my courses, and I will guide you.

If you get stuck, you need to get in touch with me and we will solve the problem.

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My courses

Natural cures for illness


Medicinal plants and trees for use in magick – beginner’s guide

Medicinal herbs for use in magick – beginner’s guide




The phases of the moon and your magick – beginner’s guide




Tarot Major Arcana and the meaning of the cards – beginner’s guide

The Tarot Wands of the Minor Arcana – beginner’s guide

The Tarot Swords of the Minor Arcana – beginner’s guide

The Tarot Cups of the Minor Arcana – beginner’s guide

The Tarot Pentacles of the Minor Arcana – beginner’s guide

Feng Shui


Feng Shui secrets of the 8 compass directions – beginner’s guide




Archetypes of prosperity for ceremonies – beginner’s guide

Archetypes of love and marriage – beginner’s guide

The Heptameron Archangels: best time for magick




The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (LBRP) – beginner’s guide

Magick with the Heptameron archangels – ritual structure for beginners

The magickal tools – quick consecration ceremony for beginners

The magickal altar – quick set up for beginners

Herbs of prosperity and simple prosperity ceremonies – beginner’s guide


Magickal books


The Goetia – basic theory for beginners

Clavicula Salomonis – basic theory for beginners

A magickally researched version of Grimorium Verum – beginner’s guide


The Goetia demons




Asmoday and Amaymon, and the ceremonies – beginner’s guide




Gusion and the ceremonies – beginner’s guide


The Qabalah

& The Magickal Alphabet


The 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet for sigil creation – beginner’s guide

The essential chart with Divine names spelled in Hebrew – beginner’s guide

The four worlds of the Qabalah – simplified theory for the beginner



The art of writing correct ceremonial requests and spells – beginner’s guide

Cold freezer pots in magick – beginner’s guide

Honey pots for use in magick – beginner’s guide

Rituals of protection, shielding and invisibility – beginner’s guide

Alternative methods of healing and the ceremonies – beginner’s guide

Rituals of banishment and neutralisation – beginner’s guide

Religious artefacts, talismans and the ceremonies of empowerment – beginner’s guide




A start up course in necromancy – beginner’s guide


Magickal reinforcers


Scandinavian runes, gems, fruits and herbs for love ceremonies – beginner’s guide


The Key of Solomon




The first pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon – beginner’s guide

The fourth pentacle of Jupiter from the Key of Solomon – beginner’s guide


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