The 3rd pentacle of Saturn from the Key of Solomon


The 3rd pentacle of Saturn from the Key of Solomon.


I have done magick with the 3rd pentacle of Saturn from the Key of Solomon. This is my version of the 3rd pentacle of Saturn.

This pentacle can be used in protection and self-defence spells, and also for occassions when you need to face a situation you fear. This pentacle will bend the circumstances to your benefit.

The 3rd pentacle of Saturn consists of a central disc with the magickal characters of Saturn.


The central disc of the 3rd pentacle of Saturn.


Surrounding it are the four seals of Angels: Omeliel, Anachiel, Arauchiah and Anazachia. I have used the Golden Dawn Rose Cross lamen to draw the seals of these four Angels.


The seal of Angel Omeliel.


English: Angel Omeliel

Hebrew: עמליאל

Read from right to left:

  1. ain
  2. mehm
  3. lahmed
  4. yod
  5. aleph
  6. lahmed

Angel Omeliel controls the summoned Saturnian spirits (I got a feeling that Omeliel controls Anachiel, Arauchiah and Anazachia).


The seal of Angel Anazachia.


English: Angel Anazachia

Hebrew: אנצחיה

Read from right to left:

  1. aleph
  2. nun
  3. Tzah-dee
  4. chet
  5. yod
  6. heh

Angel Anazachia accompanies and assists the Chief Angel of Saturn, Anachiel.


The seal of Angel Anachiel (chief Angel of Saturn).


English: Angel Anachiel

Hebrew: אנחיאל

Read from right to left:

  1. aleph
  2. nun
  3. chet
  4. yod
  5. aleph
  6. lahmed

Angel Anachiel helps you to deal with people and fights your shyness. Angel governor (chief Angel) of Saturn.


The seal of Angel Arauchiah.


English: Angel Arauchiah

Hebrew: ארוכיה

Read from right to left:

  1. aleph
  2. resh
  3. vahv
  4. kaph
  5. yod
  6. heh

Angel Arauchiah helps you become immune towards betrayals and lies.

This is the magick of Binah and all four Angels should be summoned during your ritual. You can also use a Saturnian controlling pentacle with the seals of Saturn, Zazel and Agiel.


The seals of Saturn, Agiel and Zazel.



The spirits of Saturn come from the Sephira of Binah.


The correspondences of Binah are:

Ruling planet: Saturnus

Day: Saturday

Astro hour: Saturnus

Paper seal colour: grey

Metal: lead

Number: 3

Scent: myrrh

Gem: pearl

Plant: cypress


A money spell with the Olympic Spirit Aratron


The seal of Aratron from the Arbatel.


“The governor Aratron has in his power those things which he can do naturally and those that are related to the planet Saturn.

Those things which he is willing to do are:

  1. That he can convert any thing into a stone in a moment, be it an animal or a plant. The object will retain the same shape to the sight.
  2. He can convert treasures into coles, and coles into treasure.
  3. He gives familiar spirits with a definite power.
  4. He teaches magick
  5. He reconcileth the subterranean spirits to men
  6. He causes one to be invisible.
  7. The barren he makes fruitful, and gives good health and a long life.

Aratron has under him 49 Kings, 42 Princes, 35 Presidents, 28 Dukes and 21 Ministers. He rules 36000 legions of spirits.

Source: Arbatel De magia veterum

Follow this link to the Arbatel De magia veterum. The spells with Aratron are done during the period when the moon is waxing, during the full moon, and also during the waning moon.

The absolute best days for spells with Aratron are of course Saturdays. Aim to perform your spells during the astrological hour of Saturn, because Aratron governs Saturn.

You will need:

a grey altar cloth

a grey seal of Aratron (cover the seal with paper money 24 hours before your spell). The money is simply set aside and not used as a spell component during the spell.

a grey controlling device with the sigil of Agiel and the seal of Saturn (and Zazel if you want). I hang such Saturnian “pentacles” on the wall next to my altar.

For this spell, though, I used only the seal of Saturn and the seal of Agiel (of course grey)

a neclace, cuff or a ring (you will wear it permanently after you do the spell)

your blood

money powder: 2 parts cinnamon : 1 part nutmeg (place jewelry or paper money into this mixture 24 hours prior to your spell)


The seal of Saturn invites the essens of Saturn, Agiel controls the summoned spirits. You can also give Zazel a task (the goal of your spell), and ask Agiel to direct Zazel.


a tea candle

Oils for the seal of Aratron:

mint oil (attracts money and protects from loss)

sandalwood oil (business success and protection from loss)

bergamot oil (prosperity)

pine (prosperity)

geranium (protection from loss)

a large napkin (to wrap the seal) + a rubber band

a silk bag

Consecrate both seals with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin to summon Agiel and then also Aratron.

Set aside the seal of Saturn and Agiel in a way that will enable you to see it while you do your spell.

Hold the tea candle between your palms and concentrate on the goal of your spell. Visualize money in your hands, in your purse, go on a virtual shopping trip to the supermarket, etc.

Apply some mint oil to the surface of the tea candle and then light the candle.

Apply one drop of your blood to the seal of Aratron and follow with the oils. Place your necklace (ring or cuff) on the seal of Aratron.

Say your spell three times and powder the seal of Aratron and your jewel with the money powder.

Raise power and direct it into the seal of Aratron. Give Agiel and Aratron a firm licence to depart. Finish your ritual.

Wear your jewel day and night. During the next day pack the seal of Aratron into the napkin along with the money powder (that was used on the seal during the spell).

Secure all this with the rubber band and pack the package into the silk bag.

The seal of Agiel and Saturn have been consecrated during the ritual and should be used each time you summon Aratron or some other Saturnian entity.

I frame in such seals and hang them on the wall in my Temple room.

Place the bag in your desc drawer or somewhere near you (where you work). Expect your work load to become heavy very soon.


Money magick with the hybrid seal of Satan and Saturn


This is a hybrid seal of Satan and Saturn. The sigil of Satan comes from Compendium Rarissimum anno 1775.


The seal above is a very powerful one. I use it in my money magick during each Saturday. I have a very strong feeling that the seal of Satan represents Lucifuge Rofocale.

The sigil of Satan is found in the Compendium Rarissimum that is not translated into English yet.


The Qliphotic Tree of “Life”. Lucifuge rules the Qlipha of Satariel.


The Gods Moloch and Satan rule the highest energy level on the top of the Tree.

That Qlipha is called Thamiel, but if you are observant of the magick described in the Key of Solomon, you will notice that the Qlipha of Thamiel and that of Chaigidel can not be matched to any particular day of the week.

This is because the energy level of Thamiel and Chaigidel is too high. The energy from these two Qliphoth goes down to Satariel as it becomes more dense.

The seals of Satan and Saturn should be used on a Saturday and during the astrological hour of Saturn.

The energies of Saturnus are good for enhancement of your work and career, and help to stabilize your income even if it small yet.

The Qabalistic correspondences for the Qlipha Satariel are:

Ruling planet: Saturnus

Day: Saturday

Astrological hour: Saturnus

Seal color: grey

Metal: lead

Gem: pearl

Number: 3 (3 coins for money magick)

You will need:

a grey hybrid seal of Saturn and Satan

a tea candle

mint oil

money powder (powdered cinnamon + powdered nutmeg + crushed mint, parsley and dill)

a few drops of your blood

a ring or bracelet you wear permanently

Begin with the LBRP. I use a Satanic version of LBRP and perform it both before and after the main ritual. So, now we talk about the main ritual.

Activate the seal with Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Begin calling Satan and the Spirit of Saturn (also called Azazel).

“My Lord, Satan, the creator of our Universe, please here me and come to help me. Look upon your Witch with mercy. You are my Master and I serve you well. Draw to me enough money for comfortable living.

As was your will, I gave up my freedom and made pacts with the superior demons, and all this in exchange for your patronage. I am bound to you by words of promise. Take care of my material needs.”

Place some drops of your blood on the seal along with your cuff or ring. Apply mint oil to the seal and pour out 2 table spoons of the money powder on the seal.


A ritual with the hybrid seal of Satan and Saturn (Azazel). 


Of course it is very desirable to have controlling pentacles on you (the pentacle or the hexagram) when the spirits arrive to attend your ritual.

Have also offerings on your altar. I usually have tequila, chocolate and cigarretts.


I poured out the money powder on my hybrid seal of Satan and Saturn (Azazel).


Raise energy and project it into the seal. Finish your main ritual and follow it with the LBRP.

Wear the bracelet permanently as it is now charged. Powder all the carpets in your home with the money powder that you have gathered from the surface of the hybrid seal.