The Planetary talisman of Mars for extreme courage


The table of Mars in his Compass.


This post is about the planetary talisman of Mars for extreme courage and resilience against adversity.

The square of Mars has its Hebrew equivalent and in that equivalent, each number is substituted with a Hebrew letter.

The numbers are obtained from the Hebrew style Mars square, because each Hebrew letter has a numerical value.

The square of Mars is a part of the complete planetary talisman of Mars.

The talisman of Mars is a very powerful thing, because it contains the seals of Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel.


The talisman of Mars with the square of Mars and the seals of Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel.


It is not recommended to experiment with alien spirits (they are from Mars)  like Barzabel and Graphiel just for the sake of fun.

Summon Barzabel and Graphiel when you really need to prepare a very powerful talisman for extreme courage and resilience against the hardships of life.

The summonings of these alien spirits should be done during a Tuesday and preferably during the astrological hour of Mars.

Graphiel is considered benevolent, but Barzabel is malevolent.

If you summon both Barzabel and Graphiel, ask Graphiel to control the forces of Mars, and most importantly Barzabel.

It is not clever to only work with Barzabel, because your life may soon become a disaster, because you will invite chaos into your life, as well as become faced with an internal change towards the worse.

Barzabel can be compared to the demon of Sun, Sorath. I have done spells with Sorath and Nakhiel.


The planetary talisman of Sun with the seals of Sun, Nakhiel and Sorath.


Although I asked Nakhiel to control the powerful forces of Sun, and particularly Sorath, I was changing internally, and to the worse.

Prior to doing spells with such planetary talismans, it is clever to know your natal chart, because if your Sun is unfortunate, you will start changing rapidly and become very cruel.

The same applies to the planetary talisman of Mars, and of course, any other planetary talismans.

To be on the safe side, I advice to do a ritual with planetary seals maximum twice per year. And do not work only with Sorath or only with Barzabel.

You have to counter balance the destructive forces like Sorath and Barzabel with their corresponding planetary Intelligences Nakhiel and Graphiel.


The planetary talisman of Mars with the seals of Mars, Barzabel and Graphiel.


Mars being fortunate:

The seals of Mars, Barzabel, Graphiel and the square of Mars, if Mars is fortunate (in your natal chart) will make you potent in war,  judgements and petitions, terrible to your enemies, and victorious against them.

You have to consider retrogrades too. Mars must be forunate if you want the talisman to empower you.

Mars being unfortunate:

But if Mars is unfortunate (in your natal chart), this talisman will cast you down from dignities, honours and make you lose your riches.

It will cause discord, strife and the hate of people. It will make you barren. But it will still strike terror in your enemies and make them to submit to you.

The same can be said about the planetary talisman of the Sun: its a double edged sword.