Goetia for beginners: how to understand Goetia


Goetia for beginners: this Goetia book contains the seals of spirits. 
Goetia for beginners: this is the Goetia book I work with.


Goetia for beginners: a guide to Goetia magick


Goetia for beginners is overwhelming. I am creating a sort of guide for you if you are planning to work with the Goetia.

Some people are of the opinion that you should not summon the spirits of Goetia.

Those people say that terrible things may happen to you if you summon the spirits of Goetia without proper education in the area of the Occult.

These people had their bad experiences and warn others too.

I have read such warnings in some books. A part of those warnings is bullshit, but a part is true.

One should approach the Goetic sorcery with a little bit of caution, because some spirits may push you to act out your compulsive behaviours (after love spells for example).

The demons have their own agenda, a stubborn will of their own, and your commands will be executed, but perhaps in way you do not expect or do not want.

The result of your spell may be a shock to you (if you are very unlucky). It is safer to begin magick with safe demons.

In no way do I claim to be an expert in Goetic magick, but I have some experience.

The video below, will shed some light on the Goetia and how to understand it.




In the end of Goetia, there is a special page with a list of spirits. You will find the astrological symbols of planets beside each group of spirits.

The astrological symbol is the key, because it helps us to know the home of the spirit on the Tree of Life.

Do you need to study the Kabbalah in order to do Goetia magick? Yes, absolutely!


This is the Tree of Life.
This is the Tree of Life with its 10 Sephiroth. Malkuth is Earth (our physical world). All other spheres are spaces of consciousness ruled by planets.


Each Goetia demon has its home assigned to spheres: starting from Binah (sphere 3) and ending with Yesod (sphere 9).

Binah is ruled by the planet Saturn

Chesed is ruled by the planet Jupiter

Geburah is ruled by Mars

Tiphareth is ruled by Sun

Netzach is ruled by the planet Venus

Hod is ruled by Mercury

Yesod is ruled by the Moon

There is another Tree. That tree is the Tree of Qliphoth and it contains other spheres. Those spheres are called for Qliphoth (see below).


This is the Qliphotic Tree with its Qliphoth (shells of the Sephiroth).


Both the Sephiroth and the Qliphoth are areas of the Divine and also of our subconscious minds.

The Sephiroth are areas with purer energy and the Qliphoth are areas with a bit denser energy.

The Qliphoth can be said to be the outer shells of the Sephiroth, but they are drawn on two different Trees:

# the tree of Sephiroth and

# the tree of Qliphoth

We have not yet started to talk about the theory of Kabbalah, because that theory is so extensive and you might simply get scared due to the volume of things to learn.

Do you think I know everything about the Kabbalah? Of course not!

One studies the Kabbalah during the whole life and during the next life too, because there are several trees, in different worlds and on several levels. There are millions of spirits.

For now we try to digest the Goetia, its demons and how they are connected to the Qliphoth.


Goetia for beginners: the Knights


Binah corresponds to Qlipha Satariel. Both places are ruled by planet Saturn and the demon of Satariel is: Furcas


Goetia for beginners: the Princes & Prelates


Chesed corresponds to Gamchicoth. Both places are ruled by Jupiter and the demons of Gamchicoth are: Vassago, SitriIpos, Gaap, Stolas, Orobas and Seere.


Goetia for beginners: the Earls & Counts


Geburah corresponds to Golab. Both places are ruled by the planet Mars and the demons of Golab are: Botis, Marax, Glasya Labolas, Ronove, Furfur, Halphas, Raum, Vine, Bifrons and Andromalius.


Goetia for beginners: the Kings


Tiphareth corresponds to Tagaririm. The Kings of Goetia are assigned to Tagaririm.

Both places are ruled by the Sun and the demons of Tagaririm are: BaelPaimonBeleth, Purson, Asmoday, Vine, Balam, Zagan and Belial.

Please note that some demons like Vine are assigned both to Golab and Tagaririm.

This means that you can summon Vine both during Sundays and Tuesdays.

Below is a video about the Kings of Goetia and how they can help you.



Goetia for beginners: the Dukes


Netzach corresponds to Harab Serapel. Both places are ruled by Venus and the demons of Harab Serapel are:

Agares, Valefor, Barbatos, Gusion, Eligos, Zepar, Bathin, Sallos, Aim, Bune, Berith, Astaroth, Focalor, Vepar, Vual, Crocell, Alloces, Murmur, Gremory, Vapula, Haures, Amdusias and Dantalion.


Goetia for beginners: the Presidents


Hod corresponds to Qlipha Samael. Both places are ruled by Mercury. The demons of Samael are: MarbasBuer, Botis, Marax, Glasya Labolas, Foras, Gaap, Malphas, Haagenti, Caim, Ose, Amy, Zagan and Valac.


Goetia for beginners: the Marquises


Yesod corresponds to Gamaliel. Both places are ruled by the Moon. The demons of Gamaliel are:

Samigina, Amon, Leraje, Naberius, Ronove, Forneus, Marchosias, Phenex, Sabnock, Shax, Orias, Andras, Andrealphus, Cimeies and Decarabia.


The best spirits for you


There are some very good spirits in the Goetia. They are suitable as allies for beginners.

So, lets watch a second video that will show you which spirits are a good choice for a beginner.



If you instruct a particular demon to give you guidance during sleep, you may obtain answers to your questions through dreaming.

You can also ask a spirit to give you sign that will help you to make a decision. The sign usually comes withing a couple of months.


The Tree of Life


The Goetic demons populate the Tree of Life (or the Tree of Qliphoth), and therefore it is important to know the theory of the Hermetic Qabalah:

the Sephiroth numbered from 1 to 10 and the paths that connect them (from 11 to 32). This is basic knowledge that is a MUST to study, but study in a relaxed way, because there is no hurry.

The paths are mostly used for working with the Tarot and for meditations, but the Sephiroth are the houses of planetary intelligences, spirits, archetypes, archangels, angels and maybe also Goetic demons, etc.

One does not know for sure if the demons of Goetia are very very infernal in nature.


A Group of demons in the Goetia: the Kings


One of the last pages in Goetia contains a classified list of demons.


The picture above is a photo of a page from Goetia. For example, a group of demons is assigned the astrological sign of Sun: Bael, Paimon, Beleth, Purson, Asmoday, Vine, Balam, Zagan and Belial.


This is the seal of Bael. His seal is made of gold or yellow paper.


The sign of the Sun means that these demons belong to Qlipha Tagaririm (on the Qliphotic Tree) that is matched to Tiphareth on the Tree of Life.

Tiphareth is the Sephira ruled by the Sun and has the number 6 assigned to it. Its Qabalistic correspondences are the following:

Colour: gold/yellow

Number: 6 (for items in spells: for example 6 coins)


The spirit Purson from Goetia is also ranked as a King.


Plant: Sunflower (use seeds in spells)

Day for summoning: Sunday

Fine-tuning: astrological hour of Sun


The Kings of Goetia come from the area of Tiphareth (Thagirion).


During these days the metal seals cost a lot, but I make my seals using coloured paper according to Qabalistic correspondences.

Later when my wish is granted, I destroy the seal by cutting it apart or burning it to ashes.


The Goetia demons of Jupiter


The spirits of Jupiter are Vassago, Sitri, Ipos, Gäap, Stolas, Orobas and Seere.

They dwell in the area of Qlipha Gamchicoth that can be matched to the Sephira of Chesed.


This is the seal of demon Sitri from Goetia.


Chesed (Gamchicoth) is blue and is assigned the number 4. You may want to create a blue seal, use 4 items in your spell (4 candles for example) and also the herb/plant of Chesed that is olive.

But if you want to do magick with Sitri (he is the demon of love and sex), you can use:

two Voodoo dolls

two red or pink candles

a pale blue seal of Sitri and

surround all this with four roses or four small candles (4 is the number of Chesed).

Also, the most auspicious time to summon the spirits of Chesed is a Thursday during the hour of Jupiter.


Qlipha Gamchicoth on the Qliphotic Tree corresponds to Sephira Chesed on the Tree of Life. Gamchicoth is ruled by Astaroth. This chart is based on the information found in Clavicula Salomonis.



This is the seal of spirit Vassago from Goetia.


Vassago too is the spirit of Gamchicoth (Gamchicoth is ruled by Jupiter). Vassago is summoned during Thursdays and he a safe spirit.

Now, this was a very long post and it is difficult to understand the Goetia in an instant.

The understanding comes gradually. Be patient.


When to summon the Demons?


The Kings of Goetia are summoned during Sundays and the correspondences of Tiphareth/ Tagaririm are used in spells with these demons.

The Dukes of Goetia are summoned during Fridays and the correspondences of Netzach/Harab Serapel are used in spells with these demons.

The Princes and Prelates of Goetia are summoned during Thursdays and the correspondences of Chesed/Gamchicoth are used in spells with these demons.

The Marquises of Goetia are summoned during Mondays and the correspondences of Yesod/Gamaliel are used in spells with these demons.

The Presidents of Goetia are summoned during Wednesdays and the correspondences of Hod/Samael are used in spells with these demons.

The Earls and Counts of Goetia are summoned during Tuesdays and the correspondences of Geburah/Golab are used during spells with these demons.

The Knights of Goetia are summoned during Saturdays and the correspondences of Binah/Satariel are used during spells with these demons. There is only one such demon in Goetia: Furcas.


The three phases of the Moon – a guide for beginners


The phases of the moon play a very important role in the practice of Witchcraft.



The 3 phases of the Moon


Magick is done during three moon phases:

the waxing moon

the full moon and

the waning moon

No magick is done when the moon is dark or when it is invisible in the sky. This is because there is no Witch power in our subconscious minds during this time.

So, what can you do during the time when the moon is dark? You can meditate and relax.

But if your situation calls for doing magick, because something is very urgent, then do magick.


The waxing moon


The period starting from the time when the moon is newborn and ending with the full moon is called the waxing moon.

During this time the moon grows in size and becomes larger with each passing day.

Do magick to attract things towards you: money and jobs, love and sex, new friends, knowledge and success.

Healing spells can also be done during the waxing moon.


The full moon


The day or the night of the full moon is the most powerful time for doing magick.

Very complex situations can be solved by means of magick during the full moon.

But be aware, that complex issues demand more than one ritual and sometimes magick is done during several months to improve a very bad life situation.

The period that starts 5 days before the full moon day and ends 5 days after the full moon day is also a very powerful time for doing magick.

This 10 day period is divided into 2 smaller periods:


# The period that starts 5 days before the full moon day and ends during the full moon. Do magick to attract things and events to you. Deal with very complex situations to solve them.

# The period that starts during the full moon and ends 5 days later. Do magick to banish trouble and poverty, get rid of relationships that drain your power, and banish and curse enemies and to protect yourself. You can also do healing spells.


The waning moon


The period that starts from the day of the full moon and ends with the dark moon is called for the waning moon.

Magick is done mainly for the purpose of getting rid of the unwanted from our lives.

You can banish enemies and even curse them during the whole waning moon.

Healing spells to heal depressions and to heal the body are done during the full moon and also during the waning moon.

Protection spells are done during the waning moon too. Witch bottles are created during the full moon and also during the waning moon.

You can create a very powerful Witch bottle just 2 days before the moon becomes totally dark and disappears from the sky.