About my shop




Here is my shop. I am filling my shop with digital products all the time.

Each digital design in my shop is marked with the word “Sample” or also the German word “Probe”.

The words “Sample”  and “Probe” are absent from the PDF file pages that contain my designs.

So, my products are aimed towards customers who use English, German and Swedish languages in their daily life.

There is a Category widget in the sidebar of my shop. You can choose English, German or Swedish.

Here is how you can purchase my digital items:

Put the items of your choice into the Basket

Proceed to the Checkout. Here you will be asked to provide your name and surname, your address, and a valid e-mail address. You will also be asked to create a password for my website (write down the password!).

After you have paid for your purchase, please proceed to My Account. Here you will use your e-mail address and your newly created password. You can log into my website and download your purchased items.

If you get stuck and cannot download the purchased items, please contact me.

About Money Refunds: Once you have purchased and downloaded a digital item, I will not refund the money.

But if you print out the PDF and there’s something wrong with the PDF, the customer and I should talk and find clever ways to make the customer happy.