Excel file Digital Planner 2020

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This is a digital planner 2020 in the form of a huge Excel file with 53 pages.  Each page is assigned a week. A week contains 7 days.

You can use this digital planner to write down information, book in clients, schedule meetings, etc.

Please try out the Tester version of this digital planner before you purchase the real version.

The Tester file will be found below in the description of this product.

Note that the structure of this calendar is not locked and you can format cells, delete information, insert graphics, calculate, draw diagrams and do much more.

This digital planner is opened by Microsoft Excel if you have this program installed on your PC.

I am not sure if you can use this digital planner on your phone or on a tablet.

Most suitable for use by self employed people and also by office staff.


About this product


This is a digital planner 2020 in the form of a huge Excel file with 53 pages.

Year 2020 is coming soon, so be prepared and plan well in advance.

By the way, I have created this digital planner with Excel 2010.

So, each page is assigned to one whole week. A week contains 7 days in total.

Further, each day is divided into 8 working hours and you can make relevant notes.

Your staff can work with one and the same calendar on different computers.

This digital calendar is also suitable for a person who is self employed and needs to keep track of client bookings and things to do.

No parts of this calendar are locked and you can change the structure and even delete text, format cells and calculate.

This document is not protected with encryption password. You can protect your file with an encryption password yourself.

Please try out the Tester version and see if you are happy with it.

If you are happy with the tester version, then you can purchase the full version of this digital planner.

After you pay, you will be able to download the digital planner.


Tester version of Excel Digital Planner 2020


For security reasons the tester is encrypted and requires a password to open the file.

I am attaching a small sample of the Excel Digital Planner 2020: Encrypted Tester 2020 Calendar_purple lines

Please get in touch with me if you plan to purchase Excel Digital Planner 2020 and need a password for the tester sample.

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