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Qabalah & Goetia theory for beginners



This course may help a beginner to understand the classification of demons in the Goetia.

Beginners have a difficulty in getting started with the magick of Goetia, because they cannot find teachers.

Goetia is based on the Kabbalah. It is important to understand the Kabbalah in order to know when to summon a particular demon, which colours, metals, gems and scents to use in magick.

Actually, we do not delve into the depths of Black Kabbalah and we do not explore the Qliphotic Tree in detail.

We explore the Tree of Life using a scientific model of the Big Bang and proceed to the step when God formed the first human couple.


This is the Tree of Life with its 10 Sephiroth.


Lucifer and his demons rebelled, because they were rebellious spirits, and there was a war in heaven.

God became furious and the legions of demons and Lucifer himself were cast down into Hell through the hidden Sephira Daath.

After this step we begin our exploration of Goetia, because the demons of Goetia are Dark in nature.

This course may be difficult to understand if you are totally new to the magick of Kabbalah.

I understand your confusion, because once upon a time, I too felt stuck and frustrated.




The Kabbalah is enormously complex and you must study this spiritual science.

A course can help you, but you must study the Kabbalah yourself. It may take many years of study.



Who will benefit from attending this online course?

The beginner student who has just began to study the Kabbalah or plans to study the Kabbalah, but does not know which books he or she must obtain will benefit from this course.

The student who feels stuck and cannot even begin to digest the White Kabbalah.

One PDF file is attached into the contents of this course. The PDF file contains the correspondences of each Sephira.

A second PDF is also attached. It contains the descriptions of some Goetia demons, how they can help you and when to summon them.

Note that the altar setup and the rituals are not included into this course, because the rituals of High Magick are very complex, but people do modify the rituals of Golden Dawn and make them a bit easier.

The course will be running during 8 weeks (8 weeks  X 5 working days X 8 hours = 320 hours). We can say that I will be with you during 2 months and I will be available for questions.

If you feel that you need more time to digest the material of the course, its perfectly okay, because Kabbalah is really complex.

Just signal me that you need more time and I will make some small changes.

The course Qabalah & Goetia theory for beginners costs 70 USD (exclusive VAT).


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