Bleach spell with Clauneck


Demon Clauneck is described in the Grimoirium Verum and these are his seals.
These are the two seals of Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum.


Demon Clauneck is a spirit mentioned in the Grimoirium Verum. This demon is very helpful in returning lost jobs and improving ones finances.

Below I offer you a very powerful testimonial about the bleach spell with demon Clauneck.




“The spell you did helped me tremendously of getting my job back when I was laid off of my Security job for 3 weeks.

I got my job back and closer to home too, in those 3 weeks, I had to do unarmed Security with lower pay and farther away from home.

I was driving over an hour to get to a $10.00 an hour job. Praise Clauneck for helping me and my family”.




Demon Clauneck is powerful and he can help you to reverse extreme bad luck with money into better luck.

If you want to read the whole post, please follow this link to Demon Clauneck and the bleach jar spell.




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