Financial sorcery


This is the seal of demon Bune from Goetia.
This is the seal of demon Bune from Goetia.


Financial sorcery is a broad magickal area. There are many helpful Spirits I work with on a regular basis to help my clients.

My favourite spirits are demon Bune from Goetia and demon Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum.


These are the two seals of Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum.
These are the two seals of Clauneck from Grimoirium Verum.


In order to obtain a stable footing in the area of finances, one has to do several types of money spells:

spells to attract money

spells to banish poverty

Spells that attract money are done during the period when the moon is growing in size and also during the full moon.

Those spells that banish or repel away poverty are done when the moon is full and also when the moon is shrinking in size.

I do custom money spells for clients. This means that I will want to understand your financial situation and your opportunities for making money.


Custom money spells


Before I do a custom spell for a specific client, I ask the client some questions regarding the most probable avenues of income.

I also ask the client to send me their photo (to link to the client), and some information like the date of birth, or e-mail address, or address.

Then I design a spell that will expand the avenues of income and also open up new avenues.

The Spirits summoned during such spells are most often demon Bune, or demon Clauneck.

When I am done with the spell, I will show you pictures of the ritual.



Here are links to the money magick I do for clients:

A money spell with demon Bune

Bleach spell with demon Clauneck

Pacts with Lucifer




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