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Returning clients have a huge interest in learning magick. That is why some of my content is for educational purposes and those posts cost money.

Here are my online courses. Pages are under development.

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A library of all my paid and free posts 



You will find all my articles, both paid and free. Follow this link to the library.


About me


This is me, Lucifera.


My mundane name is Bonnie, but my Craft name is Lucifera.  I live in Sweden.

Welcome to read more about me here.


Spell prices



I am a Witch for hiring. Please feel free to explore my website.

To make it easy for you, I have created a list with spell prices.





My consultations via e-mail and via Facebook chat cost 25 USD (free consultations for booking money spells!!!).

Read more on my Contact page.


Pitch Black Craft



I have a large website about the magick of Qabalah. You are welcome to visit my website: Pitch Black Craft.


Go Virtual Lucifera on Youtube



Welcome to watch my videos on Youtube. My channel is Go Virtual Lucifera.


Terms and conditions of my services



Before you order spells from me, please read my Disclaimer.

Please get in touch with me before you pay for online courses, because my pages are under reconstruction.





I love happy stories my friends and clients share with me after using my spells and also after hiring me a Witch.

Welcome to read the testimonials.


Shopping in my Go Virtual online store


I design logotypes for business owners.


My shop is closed. I am confused regarding how to develop online courses, because Kabbalah is very complex and one must study it during ones whole life.

A while ago I did some occult spiced graphic design and sold it in my shop.

Now I am tired of designing occult graphics, but I will gladly design your logotype if you have business plans.

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