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Shopping in my Go Virtual online store

It is my experience that the seals become darker in shade when they are printed out on paper. Therefore, I strongly advice to print out a seal (with that STOP sign on it) and then decide if the color is to your liking or not.

I see no point in returning money back to you for a seal you have downloaded and printed out, because you have an option of testing the color of the seal on beforehand.

There will be no refunds if you are not happy with the color of the seal after you have purchased it.

Due to technical limitations and the slow website loading time I have set the standard size of my graphics as 500 px X 500 px (and also 450 px X 450 px; 600 px X 600 px). But the maximal full size of my graphics is mostly 1000 px X 1000 px and some pictures are even 1400 px X 1400 px.


A square with the seal of Baphomet. Max canva size = 1400 px X 1400 px. JPEG format.


It is your responsibility to keep track of the items in your basket. If by chance you add 5 seals of one and the same type to your basket, you have the option of correcting your mistake and updating the contents of the basket.

Note also that all prices on my products are tax (VAT 25%) exclusive. The VAT of 25% will be added to the total amount of your purchase when you check out.


The seal of the demon Belial from Goetia. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


But before I continue, I would like to explain how to purchase and download the art via my online shop. Some customers had a difficulty to download the art, because they got lost during the purchase.

If you too get lost during your purchase, please reach me via Facebook. I will provide you with the art you have paid for.

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to download the art you pay for:

Choose the items you want to purchase and toss them into your virtual basket.

Fill the information about you and also provide a valid e-mail adress. Create a password (write it down!) to log into your account at Go Virtual. You will use this account after you do the payment.

Check out via Pay Pal and pay. Hold on during 20 seconds.

After you have done the payment you will be redirected back to GO Virtual.

You will land on the page Checkout.

Navigate to the page My account.

Provide your e-mail adress and the password you created.

To the right you will see the option Downloads. Click there.

Click on the option File and download your picture.

Now I can continue…


Custom order of designs for your business

Custom orders for the design of your business and website are another sort of work and I will do my best to meet your expectations.


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


I will supply you with 6 to 8 different colors and designs of one and the same seal (picture, logotype, etc).

I create these 6 to 8 different designs during 30- 40 minutes, but it can take much longer if I have to create the blue print of the symbols.

Then we choose the ones you like and continue to polish them until you are happy.


The Voodoo Ve-Ve of Erzulie Dantor. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


Time is money for me and I expect to be paid for my work. I produce luxurious graphics for my customers, because they have very high demands and good taste.


A sample logotype for a Chinese business. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


If your demands are very high and you want a delux collection of seals, a delux logotype and a delux Facebook & Twitter cover pictures, they will cost more due to the compexity of the design.


A sample logotype with two dragons on both sides of the Wealth symbol. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


An example of my prices are:

1 logotype as a Facebook profile picture in multiple colors, with different gradients and in different framings (7 to 10 pictures), 1 Facebook business page cover picture in 3 to 4 colors, and 10 additional pictures for your website in the same luxurious style cost approximately 200 USD.


Chinese Wealth symbol. Max canva size = 1200 px X 1200 px. Resolution = 200 dpi. PNG format.


The Eye of Horus. A smaller Eye of Horus is the pupil inside the the larger eye. I made this picture during several hours.


I include the 25 % VAT tax upon my products and services in cases of custom design of your website or Facebook business page.


The seal of Lucifer from Grimoirium Verum. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


I will supply you with watermarked designs of your requested seals, logotypes and cover pictures while my work is in progress. Of course I am open for feedback and can change colors and designs to meet your needs.

You will recieve the designs of your requested seals without watermarks when I am paid for my work.

You are welcome!

Bonnie Berzova

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