Terms of services

Shopping in my webshop


I do not sell any physical products. My shop contains only digital items.

Once the digital product has been downloaded by you, I will not exchange the product for a “better” one, if you are unhappy with your purchase.

I will not refund the money for any digital product you have already downloaded.

But if you have problems during the download and cannot download the item you paid for, I will help you to download the item.

Please always test the Excel product Testers before making a purchase.

Test out which parts of the charts are locked, because in some charts you cannot insert columns and format cells.

And yes, I love encrypted services and products, because I value privacy and safety.

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My services and rituals are not meant to serve as legal advice or as a solution to all your life problems.

Please remember that you are paying for a service, and NOT FOR THE END RESULT. Because of this, no refunds are offered on services rendered.

The only guarantee is that rituals will be performed and parcels will be shipped, to the best ability and up to the maximal capacity.

Descriptions provided on services are for their intended result and do not indicate a definite end result.

Payment is for the ritual work itself, and NOT FOR THE OUTCOME. I am not responsible for your strange behaviour resulting from the use of services listed on this site.

The results of any magick are not guaranteed 100%. There is always a small risk that a particular spell might fail.

Most of the times a spell will result in the desired outcome, but on some occasions the spell might fail.

If you want me to do a Tarot reading for you, it is good to know that I offer no refunds if you are not happy with the Tarot reading.

Please take your time to read my Disclaimer.

If you have court cases going on, or some other serious issues, and need protection, please read the whole Disclaimer here.

Before you make a payment for a ritual service, please send me a message.

We will begin with a consultation (the consultation costs 25 USD). I charge money for my time.


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