Demon Andromalius: how to charge your pendants on his seal


Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Demon Andromalius: Goetia


Andromalius is the seventy-second Spirit of Goetia. He is an Earl, Great and Mighty, appearing in the Form of a Man holding a Great Serpent in his hand.

His office is to bring back both a Thief, and the Goods which be stolen. He discovers all Wickedness, and Underhand Dealing.

Andromalius punishes all  thieves and other evil people. He also discovers hidden treasures.

This spirit over 36 Legions of Spirits.

Source: Goetia


Demon Andromalius: he promises you a safe life


Andromalius is your best choice of a patron spirit, but he is the nightmare of a thief.

I have my own experiences with Andromalius and those experiences are only positive.

This demon taught me so much technical stuff and he also revealed to me who was spreading my Occult art.

Andromalius also warned me that some troublesome clients are on their way to me.

These clients made unauthorised payments by using other people’s cards and created trouble for me, simply because they could not afford my prices.

After sending the spirits of the dead, Belial and Andromalius after such clients, I became very angry and raised my prices drastically to repel away some types of potential clients at once.


General safety spells with Andromalius


Maybe you don’t have a need to catch or punish a thief. And that is fine. But demon Andromalius can be summoned for general safety spells too.

Andromalius knows everything about protection and safety, and he will keep you, your family and your business (work) safe.

I do spells with Lucifer and Andromalius very often. And  Andromalius taught me a lot of technical stuff.


Understanding technical stuff with the help of Andromalius


As I continued to do magick with Andromalius, I understood that self hosted websites are a huge danger for a business.

This is because you have to protect your website all the time, upgrade plugins and the new update versions of WordPress.

You must back up your site very often. The storage of files costs money and Uppdraft plus is slow to store your backups.

Sometimes backup copies go wrong and information is lost. If you want to restore your website, the process is long.

If you have a huge blog, you will need to pay for the storage of the backup files on Google Drive for example.

On the contrary, WordPress. com manages your backups for you. Their Jetpack protects your website from all sorts of dangers, plus you can talk to the support team if something goes wrong.

The difference in pricing is not that large, except when you have a webshop. If you have a webshop, you will save lots of money with a self hosted website.

Self hosted websites are a bad choice for a blogger, but they are perfect for the one, who has a webshop only.

I understood all this, because Andromalius forced me to learn all about backups and website security.


A simple spell with Andromalius


Andromalius is the demon of Golab (Golachab). If you know the Tree of Life, then Andromalius comes from the area of Geburah.

Summon Lucifer and Andromalius during a Tuesday, and during the full moon or when the moon is waning.

Use a red seal of Andromalius and place your pendant on the seal. I use a red seal of Lucifer if I have red paper at home.

You can also dab a few drops of some protection oils like:

patchouli (protection from enemies)

pine (protection from enemies and dangerous situations)

cinnamon (mostly psychic protection)

rose (protection)

Ask Lucifer and Andromalius to protect you and your belongings. Ask them to keep you safe.

After you raise power in your circle, place your palms on the pendant and the seals, and visualise the seals of the demons entering your pendant.

Keep the seals under your pillow and wear the pendant all the time. Do a couple of such spells in a period of one month.

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