Demons Andromalius, Belial and Focalor, and how they can help you


Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and his description is very exact.


Demon Andromalius: Goetia


The 72nd spirit of Goetia is Andromalius. His office is to catch and bring back a thief along with the goods that were stolen.

Andromalius can discover all wickedness and dishonest intentions in people who enter your life. His duties are also to punish all evil people and thieves.

Source: the Goetia


Demon Andromalius: a testimonial


Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.
Demon Andromalius is described in the Goetia and this is his seal.


Dear Bonnie,


I should like with this e-mail to tell you the story of my sister. I had ordered for her the spell with Belial and Andromalius. The purpose of the spell was the following:

My sister some years ago divorced with her husband. The court decided an alimony of 300 Euro.

In the beginning for some months her husband paid the alimony, but later he stopped with the excuse that his work was in crisis, etc.

He always tried to escape from paying the alimony with many excuses. After you did the spell with the doll employing the demons Belial and Andromalius (I think the spell was done in October 2018), on the 10th of January 2019 suddenly the man made a deposit of 3600 Euro in my sister’s account, which is equal of 300 times 12 = 3600 Euro.

So, he payed for the whole year 2018. I think this was unbelievable as he is so selfish and egotic character and never wanted to give money for his children and ex wife. And suddenly he changed.

I should like to thank with this e-mail the demons Belial and Andromalius, and of course dear Bonnie for her best assistance and help.


Thanks for all,


Dimitris from Greece.


My spells with Focalor and the dead


By the way, Dimitris is my returning client, and I have done many spells for him.

Dimitris has even hired me to attack other magicians who were attacking him.

I had attacked the magicians with Focalor and the spirits of the dead.

I asked the spirits to make those folks very busy and also infect them with a burning desire to become very rich.

Dimitris reported that he got rid of his enemy very fast after I did a money spell on the enemy and sent him some spirits to keep him busy.

One of those spells backfired very badly on me and I lost my ability to sleep during nights.

I was working day and night like crazy. Actually I saw how the spell is backfiring on me during an out of body experience. So I knew what to expect.

Since we are already talking about Focalor, I should mention that this spirit is dangerous if we wish very malicious things to happen to people.

I advice to do money spells on your enemies. Focalor will gladly help and if the spell backfires on you, you will not become injured.

Below you will find a video about Focalor. In this video I explain how Focalor can help you and when to summon him.



Focalor has no mercy for anyone, and you may get hurt if you do very evil spells on your target.

The best day to summon Focalor is a Friday. You can fine tune your magick by doing it during the astrological hour of Venus.

In order to get rid of enemies, the moon should be full or waning.

You can even do your magick during the astrological hours of Mars or Saturn.


This is the Tree of Life. Focalor comes from the area of Netzach. Planet Venus rules Netzach.


We had spoken that Focalor should be summoned during Fridays. This is because he comes from the area of Netzach.

If we take a look at the Tree of Qliphoth, we will see that Focalor comes from the area of Harab- Serapel (ruled by Baal).

Both Harab Serapel and Netzach are ruled by the planet Venus.


This is the Qliphotic Tree. As you can see Netzach becomes replaced by Qlipha Harab Serapel. Chart based on the information found in Clavicula Salomonis.


I use the correspondences of Netzach even for Harab-Serapel:

Ruling planet: Venus

Day: Friday

Astrological hour: Venus

Paper seal colour: green

Metal seal: copper

Number: 7 (7 candles for example)

Herb: cinnamon (my own choice)

Scent: sandalwood

So, this is the information about Focalor and how he can help you. You can use a Voodoo doll of the target, give it instructions and also give instructions to Focalor.


Demon Andromalius and Demon Belial


Andromalius and Belial can be summoned during one and the same ritual for court cases, to retrieve debt and alimony, and to catch thieves.

In case you want to summon Andromalius together with Belial, do this during a Tuesday or during a Sunday.

The phase of the moon is important to consider: the moon should be full or waning.

Fine tune your magick to make it more powerful by doing the ritual during the astrological hours of Mars or Sun.

You can offer tobacco, alcohol, golden and silver items, food and juice to the demons.

Andromalius can be summoned together with Focalor in case you are dealing with very dangerous people.

If you, your kids and pets, or your home and your belongings are in real danger, just ask Focalor to slay anyone who is planning harm. This is ethical.

Why? Because the bad folks have a choice: to stay away from you and be safe or get harmed by the demon if they harm you.

The ancient Egyptians did so. I have also done so and I have many such protection spells running all the time.


When to summon Andromalius?


Andromalius comes from the area of Sephira Geburah on the Tree of Life. If you look at the Tree of Qliphoth, then Geburah becomes replaced by Golab.

This means that you should use the correspondences of Geburah in your spells with Andromalius.

The correspondences of Geburah are such:

Ruling planet: Mars

Day: Tuesday

Astrological hour: Mars

Altar cloth colour: red

Candles: red, black or white (use white candles if you cannot obtain red or black candles)

Number in magick: 5 (5 candles for example)

Metal: iron (use a hammer or steel coins, because steel contains iron)

Herb/plant: tobacco


If you want to know how to summon Andromalius, then watch the video below:



When to summon Belial?


Belial is ranked as a King. He comes from the area of Tiphareth on the Tree of Life.

If we switch to the Tree of Qliphoth, we will see that Belial comes from Tagaririm (Thagirion).

Use the correspondences of Tiphareth in your spells with Belial.

Ruling planet: Sun

Day: Sunday

Astrological hour: Sun

Paper seal colour: yellow

Metal seal: gold

Candle colour: yellow (gold)

Number: 6

Plant: Sunflower (use seeds)

Gem: Topaz

And at last I offer you a video about the Kings of Goetia. Andromalius and Belial are mentioned in the end of the video. They help to retrieve debt and alimony.

Summon Belial during Sundays and also during the astrological hour of Sun.


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