Goetia magick: best demons for beginners

This Tree of Qliphoth is about the Goetia magick.
Goetia magick is all about the Kabbala. You must understand Kabbala if you want to do Goetic magick.


Goetia magick is becoming very popular and I have been asked to compile a list of some safe spirits for beginners.

I think that the best demon who can teach you both the White and the Black Kabbala very fast is actually Samigina.

This demon teaches the Hebrew alphabet, how to draw the seals of Angels, and many other things like correspondences.

I have made a video about the safe demons of Goetia. These demons are suitable allies for beginners.




Bune and Clauneck

Even Bune is included into this list of safe spirits, although this demon is known to be a necromancy demon.

I also mention demon Clauneck from the Grimoirium Verum in this video. Bune may be scary as a necromancy demon to some.

Well, then they can ask Clauneck to help them with money.



Demon Samigina

Samigina is also a necromancy demon, but he is very friendly and easy to work with.

If you decide to summon Samigina, here (the video below) is a spell with this demon.

This video will help you to summon Samigina for the purpose of learning magick.



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