Dangerous demons – Beginner’s guide


One of the dangerous demons is Barzabel.


Barzabel is a Marsian spirit and this demon is dangerous. His seal is a part of the planetary talisman of Mars.

The behaviour of the practitioner becomes unpredictable if a pact is made with Barzabel, say with the duration of 3 months, and with promised offerings of blood each day.

Already after a couple of rituals, the practitioner becomes very “active” and jumps into online groups of gossiping people to actively take part in the “talks”.

“Gossip” and “talks behind the backs of others” can lead to angry reactions and fights.

I highly advice to have  a demon like Sabnock backing you up if you want to do magick with Barzabel.

I should also say that both Graphiel and Barzabel must be summoned during one and the same ritual.

Graphiel must be given a task: to temper Barzabel and to control you and your behaviour.

I have made a video about some dangerous demons. Here it is and enjoy it!



In the video I talk about demon Andras too. I consider him to be dangerous, because he can provoke angry confrontation with people in positions of power. This could lead to a loss of income.

I had a lot of ass holes during my working life. To strangle them did not feel enough.

I was smart: I pretended happy during my days at work. But as soon as I was back at home in the eve, I let the steam out by cursing my enemies at work.

I also talk about Sorath. This spirit is dangerous, because he will begin working on your subconscious mind and give you ” not so good” ideas (about hate).

He will help you to decide to go for very malicious cursings and to finally curse your enemies until you see them shrivel up in sorrow.

Sorath may also create chaos in your life. It is no good idea to do magick with Sorath during long periods of time.

At last, I talk about Bucon and Guland. I and Bucon are very close friends and I work with him very often for my clients.

If you are single, Bucon is not dangerous for you at all. But still, he can influence your life, because he can provoke very malicious fights in the lives of those you love most.


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