How to charge the Evil Eye amulet on the seal of Sabnock


Setting up protection for several animals: dogs and birds.



This post is about protection magick with my favourite demon Sabnock.

Besides doing regular protection magick with Sabnock, I also charge the Evil Eye repelling amulet, feathers, fur and my pendants on the seal of Sabnock.

The Evil Eye amulet is regularly charged on the seal of Sabnock and it hangs above my bed all the time.

The pendants too are always charged on the seal of Sabnock and worn on a permanent basis by me.


Who is Sabnock?


The seal of Sabnock from Goetia.


“The Forty third Spirit, as King Solomon commanded them into the Vessel of Brass, is called Sabnock, or Savnok. He is a Marquis, mighty, great and strong, appearing in the form of an armed soldier with a lion’s head, riding on a pale-colored horse. His office is to build high towers, castles and cities, and to furnish them with armour, etc.

Also he can afflict men for many days with wounds and with sores rotten and full of worms. He gives good Familiars and commands 50 Legions of Spirits.”



Sabnock comes from the Qlipha Gamaliel (above Nahema). This space is ruled by the Moon.


I use the correspondences of Yesod even for the demons of Gamaliel:

Ruling planet: Moon

Day: Monday

Astro hour: Moon

Paper seal colour: purple (or silver gray)

Metal seal: silver

Scent: jasmine

Gem: clear quarts

Number: 9

You will need:

a paper seal of Sabnock

the Evil Eye amulet

feathers and fur from pets

your pendants

a tea candle (add a drop of pachouli oil to the tea candle)

oils for the seal of Sabnock: jasmine, pine and pachouli

your blood to apply to the seal

herb of protection: powdered cinnamon

flower of protection: rose

Summon Sabnock. Light the tea candle. Apply your blood to the seal of Sabnock.

Place the consecrated feathers, fur, the Evil Eye amulet and your pendants on the seal of Sabnock.

Ask Sabnock to protect you all. Powder everything  with cinnamon and add some rose petals. Say your spell 3 times.

Raise power and project it into the seal. Ground yourself and go into a deep meditation to build nets, traps, confusing tunnels with mirror walls, and shields all around you.

Wrap the cinnamon powdered feathers and fur into the seal of Sabnock.

Hang the Evil Eye amulet near your bed and keep the seal of Sabnock near your bed.


Why is Sabnock so dangerous?

If someone sends a magickal attack to you, they will get sick almost immediately.

The disease will be weird: cold after cold and mental confusion (like paranoia).

But the danger with Sabnock is that this condition of illness will persist until the one who sent you a magickal attack cancels out their attack they have sent to you.

Not many people know much about Sabnock and how dangerous he is, so they will surely visit doctors all the time without results.

This is passive defense that weakens and eliminates enemies. The more persistent the enemy is, the worse their paranoia will become.

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