Grimoirium Verum: the inferior demons




This is the seal of demon Morail from the Grimoirium Verum.
The seal of Morail from Grimoirium Verum.


Grimoirium Verum is an old grimoire. The inferior demons of the Grimoirium Verum are many. Morail is one of them and he makes anything invisible. This demon can hide you away from your enemies.

This demon can help you to conceal letters and important documents from those, who are not supposed to see your stuff.





The seal of Surgat from Grimoirium Verum.


Surgat eliminates all obstacles from your path. This demon can be summoned together with Belial during a Sunday for execration magick and bindings.




Bucon (Bucons)


The seal of Bucon from Grimoirium Verum.


Some will say that this is the seal of Frimost. In one version of the Grimoirium Verum, this seal is assigned to Bucon.

There are no seals of Bucon in other versions of Grimoirium Verum. But it looks like Bucon and Frimost have almost the same duties.

Frimost excites and also extinguishes human emotions. Bucon causes hate and jealousy between a man and a woman.


I use the seal of Bucon in breakup spells. This demon really causes jealousy, and the spells also provoke fights.

If you are not careful, your spells with Bucon may backfire on you.





The seal of Heramael from Grimoirium Verum.


Heramael can heal any disease. He also teaches the properties of medicinal herbs and plants, and when to pluck them.

Right away, I want to offer you another good post about Marbas and Heramael.

Heramael gives the knowledge about the root of the illness and how to cure it. He teaches the art of healing.







Sustugriel teaches magick and he also gives Familiar spirits for all purposes.

These are the spirits I work with very often. You can count on them. I have another post about Heramael and Marbas.


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