Necromancy and the logotype for your Occult shop

A sample of a transparent logotype for an Occult shop. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


This logotype is transparent and it is in PNG format. This format enables you to place this logotype on any background without the need to eraze the corners of the white canva.

Because the background of my website is white, it may seem that the logotype background is white too. But so is not the case: this is a transparent logotype.


The transparent logotypes can be placed on any background. Your appearance on the web will be cool! The size of this picture is = 425 px X 431 px. PNG format.


This logotype is for you who owns a shop filled with products for practitioners of necromancy. At one glance, your visitors will know they have found their desired products.

What would your visitors like to purchase in your shop? Bones, sculls, powders, altar cloths, special candles, gems, dowsing rods, small coffins for spells, coffin nails, special types of graveyard dirt, snake sheds, insect powders (crushed insects for curses), pendulums, inks, altars and the list can go on.

If you want “white” bones instead of “black” bones, you might like something in this style. See below:


“White” bones on black background is impressive! The empty space around the black disc is actually transparent. Max canva size = 1000 px X 1000 px. PNG format.


You see that the area around the black disc is transparent. This image is 425 px X 430 px. PNG format. I love transparent logos, because they are cool!
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